Xanor 2 mg Alprazolam Pfizer


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Xanor 2 mg Alprazolam Pfizer

Xanor 2 mg Alprazolam Pfizer 0.25 mg , 0.5 mg , 1 mg and also 2 mg this text is intended for healthcare professionals.


Panic syndrome, with or without agoraphobia . Anxiety states of different severity even in the context of depression. Anxiety, restlessness and tension, with or without psychosomatic reactions.

As an adjuvant in initial depression treatment in the presence of anxiety.


Alprazolam , also contraindicated in patients suffering from sleep apnea , myasthenia gravis , severe impaired respiratory function, severe hepatic impairment and patients with acute poisoning caused by alcohol or other CNS- active agents.

Xanor, or often referred to as Niravam and Xanax, a benzodiazepine-class, short-acting medication to manage moderate to severe panic attacks and mood condition disorders. Also used as an auxiliary treatment for mood condition caused by moderate depression. Available in both generic form and extended release form (Xanax XR).

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