trankimazin 2 mg retard by Pfizer

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2 Bottles 2 mg ( 100 tablets)
5 Bottles 2 mg ( 250 tablets)
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trankimazin 2 mg retard by Pfizer

trankimazin 2 mg retard manufacture by Pfizer and also belongs to the group of medicines called tranquilizers (anxiolytics).

Presentations of Trankimazin Retard

1-Trankimazin Retard 0.5 mg 30 tablets
2-Trankimazin Retard 1 mg 30 tablets
3-Trankimazin Retard 2 mg 30 tablets
4-Trankimazin Retard 3 mg 30 tablets

Some considerations regarding the use of Trankimazin

  • Never mix Trankimazin with alcohol since the sedative effect can be enhanced.
  • If you take Trankimazin … you should not drive, because its effects can reduce attention, alter the ability to react and also muscle function, produce drowsiness …
  • Trankimazin can interact with different medications … among the most common: ketoconazole, itraconazole, fluoxetine, oral contraceptives, diltiazem and also antibiotics of the group of macrolides (erythromycin, clarithromycin).


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2 Bottles 2 mg ( 100 tablets), 5 Bottles 2 mg ( 250 tablets)

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