Tenuate 75 mg dospan buy tenuate Amfepramon


1 Bottle Tenuate Dospan 75 mg 100 pills  $130

3 Boxes tenuate retard 15 mg 90 pills $85

3 Boxes tenuate retard 30 mg 90 pills $120



Tenuate 75 mg dospan

Tenuate 75 mg dospan Latin name: Tenuate  Active ingredient: Amfepramon Producer: Artegodan (Germany)


Packing 60 PCS and Form  of issue : Tablet also Manufactured by Kyberg Pharma Vertriebs GmbH.


If your doctor did not prescribe you another, then follow this:  adults and children over twelve years old, during the morning or one hour before dinner take one Tenuate  tablets with a runoff of water so (take a medium or large glass, the more water the better when drink any medicine).


In the US, however, you can find tablets that:

  • Contain the same active ingredient,
  • Are approved for the same therapeutic purposes.


Tenuate or also Tenuate Dospan



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Qts Boxes

100 pills 75 mg, 200 pills 75 mg, 3 Boxes 15 mg ( 90 pills), 3 Boxes 30 mg / 90 pills, 4 Boxes 30 mg / 120 pills, 5 Boxes 30 mg / 150 pills


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