Regenon retard 60 mg and 25 mg

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Regenon retard 60 mg ampframone capsules

Regenon retard 60 mg ampframone is also containt  Ingredient matches for Regenon.  in the following countries:

  • Germany and Romania



Box of 3 blisters  Al / PVDC-PVC x 10 caps

Box of 6 blisters. Al / PVDC-PVC x 10 caps


Doses: Adults and children over the age of 12 One  retard capsule 60 mg daily. So the total daily dose should not exceed a prolonged release  Retard 60 mg capsule.

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Dosage Proposal

Adults.  25 mg 3 times dgl. No later than 0.5-1 hours before a main meal. 

Note:  Should not be used for children.

Additional information

Qts Boxes

10 Boxes 60 mg, 2 Boxes 15 mg, 2 Boxes 60 mg, 3 Boxes 15 mg, 3 Boxes 60 mg, 4 Boxes 15 mg, 4 Boxes 60 mg, 5 Boxes 60 mg

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