Redoxon vitamina c y zinc


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Redoxon vitamina c y zinc

Redoxon vitamina c y zinc,Without realizing it, every day you face environments where there are many viruses and bacteria. Even on vacation your immune system continues to work every day to defend your body against these pathogens. Do you know how you can strengthen your defenses ?

To function properly, your immune system needs a daily dose of certain vitamins and minerals , which you can provide with your diet. But sometimes, the busy lifestyle we lead makes it difficult to get what the body needs only through diet.

A combined supply of vitamin C and zinc is a good ally for your defenses . The vitamin C acts on a first level of defense when the body detects a threat and responds to ingest and destroy the foreign material. The zinc acts on a second level of defense, more sophisticated, involved in specific cells that recognize the particular type of threat.

Therefore, the combination of these two micronutrients, vitamin C and zinc mineral, are a good defensive tandem .

There are other actions you can take to keep your immune system in good shape:

  • Try to follow a healthy and balanced diet. As for vitamin C, you can find it in citrus fruits; and zinc, in oysters, peanuts and chocolate.
  • Exercising regularly will help to have a toned body and keep your defenses in shape.
  • Try to take time to relax and sleep a lot. Eliminating stress and having a restful sleep will help your body to function better.

Follow our blog, you will find more tips to strengthen your natural defenses and prevent infections . And, in future posts, we will tell you how the immune system acts and how you can reinforce it in a specific way.

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