mazindol dimagrir 3 mg tablets



mazindol dimagrir 3 mg

mazindol dimagrir 3 mg a substance similar to amphetamine and also considered as an anorectic ,suppressant.


indicated as maintenance treatment in patients with obesity and a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 30kg / m 2 , who have not responded to calorie restriction regimens as the only measure. DIMAGRIR @ must be administered as an adjuvant agent to the diet.

How many pounds can I lose?

According to reports, patients managed to lose up to 15 pounds with the use of mazindol in 4 months . However, this loss was only possible with physical exercises and balanced feeding. In fact, as written above, the remedy loses its effect after the first few months of use and, therefore, sports and dietary reeducation are very important for maintaining body weight.




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