Mazindol 2 mg ifa lose tablets by IFA


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Mazindol 2 mg ifa lose tablets

Mazindol 2 mg ifa lose tablets  ifa lose tablet 2 mg fro  Mexico Mexico real pills

The maximum time is 8 weeks of use

maintaining a pause equal to or greater than the period in which you used it. And when you start to stop treatment, you must do it in the same gradual way that you started.

It is possible that when consuming Mazindol you have some adverse reactions, the most frequent are:

  • Constant dryness in the mouth, is an unpleasant sensation of constant thirst, even when you drink more water than usual.
  • Nervousness or elevation of the feeling of stress, sometimes you can over react in the office or with the little ones. It is because of the tension that you will submit to your body due to the pill
  • Constipation, although it seems absurd that it generates a pill to lose weight, that is why Tendiren is better option.
  • Sleep disorders.

It is forbidden to use it in breastfeeding or pregnancy. So if that’s your case, never, never. Oh! And for those over 18 preferably.

what to know before use

Please, forget about this medication while you are using any other of the group of MAO inhibitors, if you want to use it you must stop the inhibitor during the two weeks before the treatment with Mazindol.

Always remember that, if you are a diabetic patient, when you are administered appetite suppressants in addition to a diet you can vary the blood glucose concentration; in particular if you take Mazindol can affect the response to insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents, so your metabolic status should keep you under medical observation throughout the treatment to lose weight, because your insulin and oral hypoglycaemic doses may need an adjustment


IFA LOSE is an anorexigenic whose chemical composition, mechanism and site of action are totally different from those of amphetamines and their derivatives. The absence of the fenel-ethyl-amine chain (characteristic of amphetamines and their derivatives) eliminates IFA LOSE’s risk of causing dependence and confers a therapeutic safety margin. 

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Qts Boxes

3 Boxes 2 mg ( 90 capsules), 5 Boxes 2 mg ( 150 capsules)


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