Kalma 2 alprazolam 2 mg tablet

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Kalma 2 alprazolam

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What it looks like

Kalma comes in 4 strengths:

1 Kalma 0.25 – white, oval, scored  tablet, marked AL¦0.25 and G
2 Kalma 0.5 – pale pink, oval, scored tablet, marked AL 0.5 and G
3 Kalma 1 – pale blue, oval, scored tablet, marked AL 1.0 and G
4 Kalma 2mg – white, oblong, triple scored tablet, marked A L and G 2


Kalma is made in Australia by:
Alphapharm Pty Limited
(ABN 93 002 359 739)


Keep Kalma where children cannot reach it.
A locked cupboard at least one-and-a-half metres above the ground is a good place to store medicines.

Additional information

Qty Bottles

10 Bottles 2 mg / 500 pills, 5 Bottles 2 mg / 250 pills

3 reviews for Kalma 2 alprazolam 2 mg tablet

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