Itravil Ifa 30 mg Clobenzorex buy weigth loss pills

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2 Boxes 30 mg ( 120 capsules)
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Itravil Ifa 30 mg Clobenzorex

Itravil Ifa 30 mg Clobenzorex  travil IFA forms, composition and dosages:

  • Capsule; Oral; Clobenzorex Hydrochloride 30 mg

Who Makes Clobenzorex?

However, these two companies are just a part of a big Italian pharmacy corporation called Fidia Framaceutici.

But the list does not end there. Clobenzorex pills also manufactured by companies named IFA Celtics, Laboratorios Nutrimedi, and Productos Medix.

Furthermore, there are companies listed as international distributors and they Laboratorios Grimann, ComerPuebla, Investigacion Farmaceutica, Laboratorios Columbia Comercial, and also Produtos Medix.


Some recent medical advances have increased the potential for the use of long-term adjuvant treatments, and three fundamental mechanisms; identified by which the drugs reduce weight and body fat:

  • Decrease in food intake.
  • Specific metabolic modifications.
  • Increase in energy expenditure.

Itravil Ifa 30 mg Clobenzorex , well absorbed by the digestive tract, the peak concentration of clobenzorex  50 to 120 minutes after the first dose and also the concentration varies from 8 to 47 ng / ml. So the elimination is renally in the form of hydroxylobenzorex.


Clobenzorex ; a weight loss formula that intended to help you lower your appetite, control your cravings, and increase your metabolism for maximum effect. The manufacturers claim that it will also increase your mental focus, lower bad cholesterol, and increase your activity levels.

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2 Boxes 30 mg ( 120 capsules), 3 Boxes 30 mg ( 180 capsules), 4 Boxes 30 mg ( 240 capsules), 5 Boxes 30 mg ( 300 capsules)

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