Hokkaido slimming Japan Chinese pills


3 Bottles 120 capsules
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5 Bottles 200 capsules
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Hokkaido slimming Japan Chinese pills

first of all Hokkaido slimming Weight Loss Pills contain sibutramine, benzocaine, phenolphthalein and  diclofenac.


– 100% Authentic Japan Hokkaido Original Version and also Slimming Weight Loss Pills.
– “Blue Label” Original Version
– A very strong slimming/weight loss pills that suppresses appetite and also reduces body fat.
– Beautifies waist and thighs.
– Consolidate body figures.
– Leaves your body feeling light.
– Relieves and discharges night stool and constipation.
– Suppresses appetite.
– 40 pills per box


Dill extract  Intensively the functioning efficiency of the body, so improve the catabolism of fat, and reduce the accumulation of fat. Chinese rose extract, trumpet creeper extract: improve metabolism and promote consumption of fat. Evening primrose extract lotus: reduce the excessive absorption of fat, promote the discharge of night stool and fat, and reduce fat.

How does it work

This has been proven effective to play pivotal roles in assisting individuals to shed excess weight fast and with ease. With this, some persons have seen 20 to 30 pounds disappear just within 30 days of investing in it. Its secret is that not only does it stimulate the reduction of our intake of high calorie or high fat food, but also provides us with greater energy as well as stamina while suppressing appetite. It has, however, been proven effective by clinical tests to play pivotal roles in preventing weight gain which helps us to lose weight effectively with ease. More so, it helps us to avoid taking calories that are capable of harming our fat loss program.


Hokkaido slimming

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3 Bottles 120 capsules, 5 Bottles 200 capsules


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