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etizolam Etizest tablets

etizolam Etizest tablets is an emotional state, unpleasant in nature, associated with uneasiness, discomfort and also concern or fear about some defined or undefined future threat.  Treatment is needed when it is disproportionate to the situation and also excessive.

Onset, duration and after effects

Oral doses have an onset of 30-60 minutes and also peak at 3-4 hours. So the duration is generally 6-8 hours although higher doses can last longer. Usual after effects are between 1-5 hours although many users report few after effects, especially if they have had a 7-8 hour period of uninterrupted sleep after use.


Recreational oral dose:
Light 0.5 mg
Common 1-2 mg
Strong 3-4 mg
Heavy 5 mg +

Additional information

Qts Boxes

1 Boxes 1 mg ( 100 pills), 2 Boxes 1 mg ( 200 pills)


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