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duromine 30 mg phentermine

duromine 30 mg phentermine is a brand name of weight loss drug Phentermine The advantage of Duromine 30mg capsules is that they contain ion exchange complex, which releases Phentermine gradually. Due to the prolonged Phentermine release, Duromine 30mg pills suppress appetite during the whole day.

After the use of Duromine 30mg pills, about 85% of active substance Phentermine is excreted in urine within 72 hours. The remaining 15% of Phentermine is metabolized in the liver. Elimination half-life of Phentermine is about 25 hours. Half-life of Phentermine is 7-8 hours.


Thus, plasma Phentermine concentration decreases by about 50% within 7-8 hours after oral use of Duromine diet capsules. At this time, the anorexigenic effect of Duromine (Phentermine) is beginning to wane.


Weight loss capsules Duromine should be taken once daily. Therefore, if a person feels hunger 7-8 hours after using a single dose of Duromine 30mg, he must not take one more Duromine dose.

duromine 30 mg

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