Asenlix 30 mg Clobenzorex


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Asenlix 30 mg Clobenzorex

Asenlix 30 mg Clobenzorex , first of all ,Commercial names : AsenlixGeneric name : Clobenzorex and serves for : Obesity.

Foreign Names

  • 1-Clobenzorexum (Latin), Clobenzorex (German), Clobenzorex (French) and also Clobenzorex (Spanish).

Generic Names

  • Clobenzorex (OS: DCF), Ba 7205 (IS) and also SD 271-12 (IS)

Brand Names

  • Asenlix Hormona, Mexico
  • Itravil Ap and Itravil-Ifa Investigación Farmacéutica, Mexico
  • Obeclox Medix, Costa Rica;  Dominican Republic; Guatemala; Medix, Honduras; Mexico; Panama; El Salvador

What is Asenlix and what is it used for?

As a result, an anorectic drug, which means it serves to suppress appetite. So its most important applications are:

  • Treatment of exogenous obesity,
  • Overweight, only in some cases and also with temporary effects generally. The use of this medicine is effective when the control of obesity has not been achieved through diets and also the body mass index is 30 kg per square meter or more. Use by prescription, following the recipe instructions.

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Qts Boxes

2 Boxes 30 mg ( 120 capsules), 3 Boxes 30 mg ( 180 capsules), 4 Boxes 30 mg ( 240 capsules), 5 Boxes 30 mg ( 300 capsules)


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