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Adipex Retard 15 mg Phentermine

Adipex Retard 15 mg Phentermine is a comprehensive weight loss pill. it is also available as soft modified release capsules.

capsules have some distinctive features, including Adipex Retard 15 mg :

  • size of 9 mm;
  • oval shape;
  • lack of markings;
  • solid opaque shell of yellow color
Name of the productADIPEX
Supplement15MG CPS RML 100
Pharmaceutical formModified-release capsule, soft
RouteOral use
Language of the packCzech
Wrap typeBlister


The also maximum period that  required to achieve a perfect figure – three months. However, a significant reduction of weight is observed after only 15-30 days of Adipex  application.

Product(s) containing phentermine:

phentermine systemic

Brand names: Adipex-PLomairaIonaminSuprenza
Drug class(es): anorexiantsCNS stimulants
Phentermine systemic is used in the treatment of:

Multi-ingredient medications containing phentermine:

phentermine/topiramate systemic

Brand names: Qsymia
Drug class(es): anorexiants
Phentermine/topiramate systemic is used in the treatment of:

How quickly can I lose the weight?

Many of us are concerned about it the most. The best proven method of quickly losing weight on Phentermine is being active and watch what you eat. Every one of us is born with billions of empty fat cells.

These fat cells are programmed from the day one to increase by 1000 times of its’ capacity and once this limit is reached, these fat cells will multiply. There no stopping point.  I wish there was. I hope one day, modern medicine will be able to genetically modify, stop these fat cells from multiplying and all of our health problems associated with weight gain will be history. But we are living in the world where it is not possible and we have to deal with it.



Adipex Retard

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